Basics of Styling Your Wedding

Cohesion is key.

Before you start trying on dresses, printing your stationery or sampling your cake – look at the big picture.

What vibe do you want to set on your wedding?   Create an overarching concept and stick to it!


Here’s how:

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How to Get Married in New Zealand

There are two ways to get married in New Zealand:
a. by a registered marriage celebrant
b. in a registry office


Registered Marriage Celebrant.

You can choose a religious or independent celebrant to officiate your wedding.  You also have the freedom to decide when and where you’ll get married and have the opportunity to write your own vows.


Registry Office:

Weddings in registry office are held during normal office hours.  Unfortunately, you have to use standard vows and these can’t be customise during the ceremony.

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“I said YES” – now what?!


I bet you still have that smiling face after getting officially engaged!

The flutter beating of your heart, that rapid breathing… that’s excitement right?

Uh… no, no!  Don’t listen to that anxious voice slowly creeping in your brain and overwhelming you with worry.

Don’t overthink, feel. 

I got your back remember?


Here’s some basic things to consider after you said ‘Yes’.

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